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Slow YOGA/Slow AGING follows the author on her journey into the aging process.
“Since I hadn’t planned to age like everyone else, the pain and physical limitations over the past few years took me by surprise. I’d envisioned a slightly wrinkled, gray-haired version of my twelve-year-old self, hiking trails and riding horses. I wasn’t prepared physically or mentally to join the forty-six million Americans over sixty-five who now comprise fifteen percent of the U.S. population.”

Judy Blais grew up in northern Minnesota and moved to Oregon in her mid-forties. Twenty years and a number of health problems later, she began a comprehensive research into yoga and aging. “I ran across such wide-ranging information on everything from diet to senior moments, that I decided to compile it into an easy-to-read, entertaining workbook with simple illustrations of safe yoga routines that help slow down the aging process.”